Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sale Alert

One of the biggest sales of the (early) Summer is coming to a close tomorrow, gang.  Went ahead and scouted out a round 2 of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale below.  Lots of goodies left, digging these Distressed Boyfriends & Camo Jacket in this round up.  Make sure to take a gander at my picks below and from Last Week's Sale Picks.  Alright gang, cheers to a lovely weekend...we are pool bound!  Make it a great one!

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

The All American

 LOOK 1:  jeans (Paige), blouse (LOFT SIMILAR ADDTL 50% OFF), heels (See by ChloeOmar + Elsie), bag (Gigi New York), cuff (SIMILAR CRAVE), rings (Lagos, Anna Beck)
LOOK 2:  tee (Jcrew Similar), skirt (Forever 21 Similar Scallops), blazer (Jcrew ON SALE), shades (Ray Ban), bag (Talbots c/o LOVE THIS RED TOTE), sneaks (Nike)

There truly is no better time to rock the patriotic palette than during the summer months.  It's so dang fresh and classic and we all have a little bit of red, white, and blue in our arsenal.  These looks are nothing to write home about, but that's what I kinda love about them.  Classic. Simple. Easy.  Sometimes I try to reinvent the wheel when dressing, when really, it's just as impactful to wear what you know works and you feel comfy  Flares & kicks of any kind (just snagged these FLAMINGOS and I  L O V E them).  
Alright gang..cheers to a lovely Thursday....little backstory on the piglet below.  KT and I were shooting in a less than glamorous area (which they always tend to be our fave locals) when some dude was all, "Ya wanna see my Pet?"  To which I thought, "um, no ya skeezer, we're all set, thanks though buddy."  Fella was terribly persistent so I took the bait and oh my thank goodness I did.  I have a crazy obsession over pigs...have wanted one for ages and this little nugget was as cute and squealy as they come...fell in love on the spot!  

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Denim Diary

look 1:  denim (Paige, see similar SPLURGE vs STEAL), top (Sundry), bag (Clare Vivier, Omar + Elsie), sneaks (Converse), rings (Lagos, Anna Beck)
look 2:  blouse (LOFT ON MAJOR SALE), denim (Paige), bag (Michael Kors), heels (Sole Society see SIMILAR)
look 3:  shirt (Bella Dahl c/o Morton James), denim (7FAM), sneaks (Converse)

Who doesn't love a solid pair of DENIM, am I right?  They define all that I "hope" my style conveys---effortless, comfy, and chic.   Wanted to do a little roundup of some of the currents I'm digging these days.  The FLARE. Duh.  I mean what's not to love...I've chatted these bad boys up since the winter and I'm still an avid fan.  The DISTRESSED.  More likely to find me in a pair with some snags and cuts than a straight up smooth pair---just love the slight edge they give a look.  The LIGHT WASH.  Perfect shade for the spring and summer--diggin' them in a major way.  
Linked up these three looks below--feel free to take a gander.  Today is officially kicking off our summer and we are pool bound if the weather permits.  Lord, I couldn't be more excited for some R&R with my babes.  Cheers to a great week gang...we intend to spend ours outdoors!  Make it a great one--oh and ps:  my BLOUSE FROM LOFT above is an addf'l 60% off--crazy good sale def worth checking out!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Summer Set

crop & skirt (BCBG c/o Morton James LOVE this MATCHING SET at 30% OFF), heels (Joie, see SIMILAR SPLURGE vs STEAL), clutch (Elaine Turner SPLURGE vs STEAL), necklace (Hazen c/o Adele Lexington), shades (Gucci), rings (Anna Beck, Lagos)

Now that summer is more or less upon us, no better time than the present to start sporting Matching Summer Sets (ps:  this LOVELY is 30% OFF).  I love the idea of a unified print and just a hint of midriff---Chaser would have a fit if I showed any more skin--she's at that, "mom button that button," stage, which I really just find precious.  Never one to disappoint, Morton James has a boatload of summer frocks and sets to get us all geared up for the season.  Quick sidetone, my cork clutch is sold out but found this CORK is the perfect sub at a great price point!  
Alright gang, I'll be back to my normal posting routine now that I'm back from my weekend in Chicago.  Cheers to a wonderful start to your week.  Feel free to shop the look below---make it a great one!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Swim Talk

this post is sponsored by  TARGET

bikini (TARGET), hat (Nordstrom ONLY $22), shades (Ray Ban), bag (TARGET), shirt (Jcrew see SIMILAR), necklace (Maya Brenner)

With Memorial Day coming up this weekend, it is the official kick off of bathing suit season.  Now look, I know this time is more or less dreadful in part for most of us because we have to bring the pasty white bods out from hiding and hope and pray our workout/diet routines will finally have paid off.  Here's the deal---I hope I'm not speaking out of turn, but I can speak on behalf of the ladies in my life, we are ALWAYS going to have an area(s) that is the pain in our side...or in my case--my hind and my hips.  They're big, they're curvy, they're not as proportionate to my flat chest as I'd hope for but you know what---they're not going anywhere....They're mine--suckers are here to stay.  The hips birthed the babes, the chest fed the babes, and the booty, well it's just where the cupcakes go and I'm not about to give those babies up.  And it's taken me 30+ years to embrace the robust nature of them but I finally have.  Finally.  And the moment I accepted that I'm going to work towards the best version of myself and own it, was the moment I stopped dreading tossing on a suit.  And my wish is that we can all get there---just own it, gang.   Because here's the deal, I've got two little ladies that watch my every move and my hope for them is they love themselves inside and out.  Throughout all of the challenges that life and snarky kids will throw their way, I want them to have the utmost confidence in who they are mind, BODY, and soul.  So while the pool is indeed motivation to get my hind in gear, my two daughters really drive my mindset towards being comfy in my skin.  

I think the key to getting ourselves confident in a bathing suit is finding the right suit for our shapes.  Accentuating the positives, right?  This is why I love Target's options.  There are A. a ton of possibilities to mix and match, B. amazing price points so you can snag a few different sets, and C.  the prints and colors are spot on.  Take this tribal one I'm sporting piped in black.  I've long been a lover of the athletic top--I'm not going to try to pretend I have a big chest so I nix the underwire, padding option---I'm comfy in this.  I feel like I'm wearing a sports bra...I can move, I can swim, I can chase the babes, and I can have a margarita poolside in this bad boy.  The bottoms have just the right amount of detailed elements but don't accentuate and draw too much attention to my curve---win/win, right?  I also think it's critical to be honest with yourself---you may love a bandeau but if you're too busty, that sucker ain't gonna work.  On the flip side, I look like a little boy named Timmy when I try to sport a bandeau too, so I forgo that option.  If your tummy is a point of contention, one pieces are making huge strides and are so dang slimming so maybe give them a go.  Bottom line, TRY A TON ON, and bring a friend who is going to be brutally honest.   Don't bring a "Yes Man" to the dressing room--bad bad move.  

Here's another tip for upping your bathing suit game---the styling of your look.  It's not just about the suit itself but the accessories that accompany and amplify the look.  Think hats, beach bags, bright sandals, necklaces, shades....these are all easy add ons that will take your beach/poolside look to the next level.  I'm personally a big fan of oversized men's shirts...they're subtly sexy, comfy, and cover you as much or as little as you want---they're also effortless and we all own them so it's an easy way to up the ante.  Also, I typically find myself making stops for dinner and/or drinks after the pool so by simply tying this blouse in a knot and tossing on jeans or shorts, I'm good to go for an early evening out!

I'm not just spouting off at the mouth with these's truly how I approach bikini season.  I've learned to perfect the swimsuit shopping game and I highly encourage us all to have fun with it.  I mean, we've just made it through an extremely nasty winter and deserve some dang fun in the sun, you know?   Have fun trying on your own suits and finding that perfect combo that will exude confidence.  Be honest about what's holding you back from having some pool/beachside swag.  Allow Target to get y'all geared up to have a summer for the books!   

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Sale Alert

The Memorial Day Sales are already underway and this one from Nordstrom is a damn good one indeed.  I always take advantage of the ShoesBags, & Denim--such goodins.  Be sure to check out some of my picks below--the sale lasts through the end of the month so be sure to snag the goodies while they're still avail!  Y'all have a great evening--make it a great one!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spots Squared

dress, heels, clutch (Omar + Elsie), rings (Anna Beck), shades (Sole Society)

You know when you can sport a head to toe look from one spot, it's a damn good joint indeed.  We're talking Omar + Elsie, and it's been one of my faves in town since their doors opened.  Chock full of looks for both day and night and a shoe selection that I've long coveted--Miss Abby has curated a boutique that's both fun and unique---simply adore.  Be sure to swing on by (or call if out of state) and mention s + s for 15% off your purchase!  
Y'all have a great rest of the day---make it a fab one!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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