Friday, April 8, 2016

Jeans & Muscles

 tee (Current/Elliot see Red Stripes), denim (dl1961 see SIMILAR), sneaks (Converse), clutch (Clare V), shades (Quay), ring (Anna Beck), cuff (Lela Ray Jewelry)

Can you tell that I'm on a M A J O R JEANS & TEE kick here lately?  Specifically Distressed Jeans and Muscle Tanks (see Yesterday's Post if you're not buying what I'm selling).  I just simply love the laid back vibe of this look which is what Spring and Summer is all about in my book.  Thankfully, Nordstrom is serving up a very healthy dose of laid back luxe (see Flowy Tunic and Slit Tank).  My Cross Back Muscle Tee from Nordstrom has proven to be one of my very faves as of late....totally easy breezy.  It would look perfect with a pair of Distressed Denim Cutoffs and Sneaks, too!  
Feel free to shop some of my fave tees & denim from Nordstrom below.  Cheers to the weekend, gang, make it a wonderful one!

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

photos courtesy of Meagan Gilbert
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Tee Time

tee (Current/Elliot ON SALE  snagged these STRIPES, TOO), denim (Blank ON SALE ), ring 
(Anna Beck ), watch (Michael Kors ON SALE), sneaks (Converse), clutch (Clare V ON SALE ), shades (Gucci)

Could not love this laid back look more if I tried.  So much so that I stocked up on not only OTHER STRIPED TEES from NORDSTROM, but went ahead an ordered myself another pair of these Distressed Boyfriends from Nordstrom which just so happen to be on SALE!!  And this, you see, is what I'm digging about Nordstrom's Spring Situation--not only are they serving up a stellar selection of laid back spring lovelies, but they're doing it on SALE!!  We're talking my WatchDenim, Clutch Stripes--all sale, gang, all sale.  Why thank you, Nordstrom!  
I'll tell you what's damn near dangerous, though...I just discovered my Nordstrom here in Indy does curbside ordering/delivery!?!  Meaning, I order online, they shoot me an email within the hour, I buzz by there--don't even need to step out of my car and voila...have NEW THREADS in my possession!  It's fabulously dangerous.  
Alright, gang, cheers to a wonderful Thursday.  Feel free to shop this rig below and cheers to the (almost) weekend!  Make it a great one!

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom.  All opinions expressed herein are my own!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem
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Monday, April 4, 2016

Sale Shopping

Got the good news this morning that the Shopbop Friends and Family Sale is well underway with 25% off using code INTHEFAM (just make sure you're logged into your Shopbop account).  And y'all...I did a B I T of damage...not too bad, but I'm linking not only what I snagged today (see HEELS and Ruffle Dress) but also what I've snagged in the past few weeks (Wink Wink), what I'm Coveting, and oldies I've had that are indeed still Goodies!  A whole gaggle of goodness below if you click on the images...Happy Shopping, Gang!

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Denim Deuces

denim (French Connection c/o), lace top (French Connection), flats (Kate Spade ON SALE), striped jumper (French Connection c/o), sneaks (Vans), bag (Gigi New York)

Let's chat up some DENIM today, shall we gang?  Specifically, the REBOUND fit from French Connection.  This line is serving it up with a very slenderizing fit at a fair price point.  I'm naturally pretty wide in the hips and hind relative to my waist and both my Blue and White Rebounds are slimming that whole situation down.  I'm digging their stretch as well because it allows for some movement---but not so much where the jeans are slouchy by day's end.  And, gals, if you're looking to shape the booty ever so nicely, these Babies get the job done indeed!
Alright gang, be sure to shop both of my looks from French Connection below!  Here's to a lovely Tuesday--make it a great one!

photos courtesy of Meagan Gilbert

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The Spring Shoulder

 blouse (Nordstrom), flares (Paige), clutch (sole society), rings (Anna Beck)

How 'bout this Neutral Flowy Number?  Had her for two weeks, already worn her 3 times.  Cold Shoulders are all the rage right now, and this lovely is the perfect mix of boho and feminine.  She pairs very nicely with Flares which is all I seem to want to wear this days.  This Pair from Paige  (which I'm wearing in these shots although you can't fully see the flare), is one of my favorite pairs of denim that I own...truly been wearing around the clock along with THESE.  If you're looking for a little less boho and a little more classic, try this Off the Shoulder--lovin' it just the same!
Alright gang, cheers to a lovely start to your week.  Let's make it a great one!

photos courtesy of Meagan Gilbert

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