Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mint Loves Red

blouse (Blossom of Lexington c/o), shorts (J.Crew ON SALE), belt (J.Crew see similar HERE), heels (Kate Spade see similar HERE), clutch (JJ Winters), necklace (Page Sargisson), cuff (Morton James), shades (Ray Ban), rings (Lagos, Anna Beck)

I'd have to say of all the colors mint complements (navy, camel, gray, black, yellow, other shades of green, powder blue, pale pink) hands down RED is my favorite.  It is the perfect pop next to mint's subdued tone don't ya think?  Highly recommend you give it a go next time you toss on some MINT.  Keeping her short and sweet today, gang, you all enjoy your Thursday!  

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Simply Bow

blouse (Asos, soldout, see other BOWS BELOW), heels (Loeffler Randal, Omar + Elsie see FLATS version HERE &  Neutral Pair HERE), denim (DL1961), cuff (Morton James), rings (Lagos, Anna Beck), shades (Gucci)

Rest assured while the stinkin' blouse pictured is no longer avail (bought on sale from ASOS late last year), I'll give you all a dose of bows below that will hopefully make up for this shirt's unavailability.  But aside from the bow and my love for its utter femininity, the moral of this post's story is that simple and classic looks can be amped up just a notch with touches of detail.  Case in point, all this look is,  is jeans and a white blouse--simple, everyone has them in their closet, utterly classic.  But by pairing them with what I believe to be a fabulous HEEL (and hold the damn phone,  how sick is this PAIR), a distressed JEAN, and maybe a dainty bow blouse like THIS, you sorta separate your typical jeans & blouse look from the pack.  For me that's what it's all about, keeping the silhouettes relatively classic, and adding elements of detail to make the look all your own.  
Quick tidbit for those that are somewhat DIY challenged like myself--I own 3 pairs of these JEANS (hence them being in about 80% of my posts), and I wanted to shorten one of the pairs so instead of taking them to my seamstress like I typically do, I just trimmed the ends and left them au nautural--took me all of 2 mins and I love the frayed edges--gives them just a little extra umph.  
Alright gang, have a great start to your week---I've gotta Dallas Detox--such a great great weekend in an amazing venue with a really fabulous group of gals...we'll chat more about that later for sure.  But for now, make it a good one and check out some bows below:
photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Basics

jeans (NYDJ c/o), blazer (Zara see similar HERE 30% OFF), blouse (Loft, see similar HERE), belt (J.Crew), cuff (Morton James), flats (Zara), ring (Lagos, Anna Beck), bag (Elaine Turner c/o see similar HERE), shades (Gucci)

Sometimes a look doesn't need much muss or fuss.  Sometimes, rather, all you need is a good combo of basics with just one little element of interest (ie:  a Python bag).  A black blazer, pair of denim, ballets, and a striped blouse all combine to make this look an easy go to for a slew of occasions.  We all probably have fallen into the trap of too many accessories, prints, or even color--hell, I know I have--when sometimes, simple basics can make just as big an impact.  
Y'all have a great rest of the week---I'm headed to Dallas for the RewardStyle Conference and hells bells--packing for this sucker is No Friggin' Joke--no J O K E.  Find me on Instagram if you'd like to follow along my Dallas rendezvous---make it a good one!
PS:  If in Lexington, Bourbon & Boweties will be having a trunk show at Adele (see ad on my sidebar for deets)--they're the perf accessory for DERBY (or really anything else for that matter)!  Make sure to swing on in this Friday!  

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Striped Florals

tote (Barrington c/o), blouse (Talbots c/o), jeans (J.Brand), heels (Isola c/o), sweater (HM c/o), cuff (Morton James), rings (Lagos, Anna Beck), necklace (Page Sargisson), shades (Ray Ban)

Along with Leopard, I am an avid believer that stripes too are a neutral.  Paired with florals, checks, graphics, other stripes, the pairing possibilities for stripes are endless.  This look is very much my go to as it encompasses many pieces I love...good ole pair of Boyfriends, a button down, Neutral Heels (available at Monkee's of Lexington for us Kentuckians), and a go with everything Striped Tote.  I like to consider this look polished-mom-on-the-go meets lunch-with-the-gals...but truly you could wear her just about anywhere for daytime.  Alright gang, I've gotta scoot--y'all make it a good one!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem
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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Flowy Fave

scarf (Pomegranate c/o), jeans (dL1961 DIY'd by yours truly), tank (J.Crew), heels (Sole Society c/o), hat (Gap see similar HERE), bag (Michael Kors), shades (Gucci), cuff (Morton James, Lexington), rings (Lagos, Anna Beck), necklace (Page Sargisson)

Snaked this Pomegranate Scarf last year and I have to say, I've already put her to use quite a bit this spring (see HERE & HERE).  And while boho ain't necessarily my gig (although I wish I could pull it off more for sure), I am loving the easy breezy feel of the scarf, hat, tank and jeans.  All of these pieces with the exception of these Sole Society Heels, which I am a big fan of btw, are oldies but goodies I've had in my arsenal.  Just a little reminder to all of us (myself definitely included) to remix what you have.  Sure it's a new season, but that doesn't mean you need to completely revamp your wardrobe...just breathe a little life into what you currently have (this was my sporty take on the Scarf last year).   A few tweaks goes further than you think!   Alright gang, make it a good one--cheers to a lovely week!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Bunnies

dresses (Sail To Sable c/o),  heels (French Connection), bag (vintage), necklace (Page Sargisson), rings (Anna Beck, Lagos), kids& moms kicks (Vans, converse)

I typically shy away from having my little ladies make a blog appearance, but in honor of Easter and all things Spring, I kinda couldn't resist sharing these shots.  Kristin has shot my gals since they were babes and she just continues to amaze me with her skills and ability to capture their sweet (and sometimes sassy) essence.  Now granted, new Barbie bribery was in full effect, but the dynamic between KT and her little clients is superb--I keep my yapper shut the whole time and just let her do her thing---and every single time she just amazes me with the images of my most precious eggs (I get a little choked up looking at just how big they've gotten)!  Now, what you can't see is the other 20 peeps snapping shots of the gals as these were shot during her Beginners Photography Class--it's now hands on and I HIGHLY recommend.  
As for the coordinating frocks, Sail To Sable couldn't be a more perfect vibe for all things spring, preppster, and Easter--absolutely ADORE their tunics, dresses, etc.  I know most would tend to toss on some Jack Rogers or wedges, but in this fam, we like to sport our sneaks (and will prob do the exact same thing this Sunday, too)!
Alright Gang, cheers to a lovely Easter---enjoy your fam and the sugar high!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

A Connection

dress (French Connection c/o Morton James Lexington, KY),  shoes (J.Crew ON SALE other metallics HERE), necklaces(s) (two doubled up, Adele, Lexington KY, c/o), cuff (Morton James), rings (LagosAnna Beck), clutch (JJ Winters old), shades (Ray Ban)

Got a little love affair going on with French Connection.  Wanna know why?  Pretty simple actually, aside from the fact that their dresses are super modern and sleek with details I absolutely love, I really gravitate towards them because they SUCK YOUR SH*T IN.  And by SH*T I mean that backside and any other side you want sucked in for that matter.  This is probably one of,  hells I don't know,  8 FCUK's I own, and I continue to keep going back to Morton James for more.  God love Halie & Julia for keeping MJ stock piled with FCUK galore--fantastic selection as always, girls!  Ps:  super stoked Morton James is s + s' newest sponsor--welcome gals--y'all already know my love for them as illustrated HERE.  
This Dress was a top contender for a wedding weekend extravaganza I had a few weeks back but decided the slit may scare off the old folks and opted for a more neutral Ronny Kobo Frock paired with mint jewels from Adele...which brings me to my last and final tidbit, when in doubt and need to amp up a look--do yourself a favor and peruse Adele's accessory selection.  This is no fluff, I literally go to them for any and every event I have when in need of some gems--their gems are my jam.  
Alright gang, cheers to a wonderful week, KT and I FINALLY have our schedules in sync and will be back to our regular shooting schedules--therefore, no more posting hiatus!  Thanks for stopping by!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Hair Raising

We're gonna talk hair today,gang.  But before we dive into that--may I apologize for the radio silence.  If you follow s + s on INSTAGRAM, then you know I took a little bday getaway to Ojai, California this weekend..which can I just say, is absolutely breathtaking, charming, quaint, lovely, perfect, and somewhere I will definitely be visiting again.  Now if you don't follow along IG, then you prob think I'm a slack as*, lazy bones blogger and I can't say I blame you---meant to give y'all a heads up on my mini departure but alas, got caught up in the kiddies, job, packing, etc...promise to have outfit posts coming back 'atcha this week right after I wrap up a work meeting in Columbus.  

Ok, onto the 'do.  I got my hair done last week at my usual joint, Voce on Clay, with my go-to gal, Shawnee.  The night before, I started sifting through some previous posts trying to figure out which cut suits me best....kinda couldn't decide as they are all quite similar and yet they've each got a bit of a different vibe.  Ultimately I chose one of the above pics for inspo (can ya guess which one), and I have to say, Shawnee knocked it outta the park, per usual.  And while the cut is obviously an integral part of your hairstyle, the product you use is quite important, too.  I get asked three questions pretty frequently regarding the 'do so figured I'd do a quick roundup of my hair routine:

"How do you style your hair?"
Blow dry using my fingers to rake it forward.  Top 'er off with a flat iron.
"What is the texture of your hair?"
Pretty thick thanks to my mom...gets wavier as I get older.
"What product do you use?"
Aveeno shampoo , Marco Pelusi Anti Freeze Leave In Conditioner, Marco Pelusi Color Smoothing Gloss, Drugstore Pomade to give it the piecy look

I have used Marco's Leave In Conditioner and Color Smoothing Gloss (applying a dime size while hair is still wet prior to drying) since having short hair and I swear by it.  Since I both blow dry and straighten my hair almost daily, it can get a smidge dried out and these two suckers keep the locks smooth and flyaway free.  I had the pleasure of meeting  Marco on my last trip to LA and I have to say--he is equally sweet as he is talented.  
Alright gang, cheers to a great week and cheers to the UK Wildcats for an amazing ride--you boys done good this season--us Lexingtonians are awfully proud of you!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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