Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Red Does Red

jacket (Gap, loved THIS STRIPED NUMBER), pants (J.Crew, love THIS COLOR), blouse (J.Crew), heels (J.Crew), rings (Anna Beck, David Yurman), watch (Cartier), bracelets (Sylvia Benson c/o), shades (Gucci)

Wondering why in the sam hell I'm wearing this work look in the snow?  Yea, me too.  In all honesty, I sported this look a few weeks back before it got insanely cold and kinda couldn't resist having KT snap a few pics of it in Lexington's version of a blizzard (horrible planning on my part).  Interestingly enough, it's separates and not a suit which I'm a huge fan of doing even if not in the same hue.  Indeed it's bold to pull out all red look with dual leopard, but I'm on board with it as long as it's all tucked, polished, and topped off with subtle gold accessories.  Alright gang, make it a good one---look at the yahoo below trying to get her "shot"--so serves me right for attempting to wear such weather inappropriate garb!  

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Navy Loves Leo

sweater (Lilla P c/o), denim (Kate Spade last seen HERE, love THESE POLKAS), blouse (J.Crew), shoes (Jeffrey Campbell, how fun are THESE), bag (Michael Kors), watch (Cartier), ring (Anna Beck, David Yurman), shades (Gucci), bracelets (Sylvia Benson c/o)

Really this post could have also been entitled, "Head to Toe Neutrals," because let's be honest, navy, stripes, and leopards are indeed just that.  Mix them bad boys all together and hell--we've got a look that'll be in heavy rotation for me no doubt!  These jeans are indeed a statement which is why I chose to tone em' down with navy and a sleek flat--heels would've been a bit much for me--little too "tart" you know?  Apologies as I'm sure you wanna sucker punch me for them no longer being avail (not to my knowledge anyhow), but no fears--y'all know Kate Spade serves up lovelies season after season.  Case in point, how cute would THESE POLKA DOTS look with same striped blouse and a NEON PINK SWEATER?  Kinda darling, right--may need to add those bad boys to the arsenal.  Alright gang, stay warm and make it a good one!  Thanks for stopping by!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Navy & White, Navy & White

blouse (Aunt's vintage blouse from 70's), blazer (aqua, Bloomingdales sold out, see similar HERE and under $100 option HERE), pants (GAP sold out, love THESE and obsessed with THESE), necklace (Sole Society c/o dig THIS BIB), heels (Kate Spade on SALE), bracelets (Sylvia Benson c/o), bag (Michael Kors), watch (Cartier), rings (David Yurman, Anna Beck), shades (Gucci)

Morning, Gang!  Last night started out as your typical school night with two tykes---homework, dinner, bathtime, mini dance party, the usual routine--but then, you get that call from your best gal, Ashley, who offers to pay you a visit with cocktails in tow (because no Southern gal shows up empty handed).  Then Ashley multiplies into one of my other faves, McKayla, and well--let's just say, this post could have been much more interesting had I chosen to configure it at 1 am when I finally called it a night.  Total gab sesh, listening to jams, "admiring" the fact that my Xmas tree is still up (gasp!  yepper--you know my dirty little secret--cut me some slack would ya, I've been traveling out the wazoo--but honestly, my girlfriends intervened last Jan 31 and took it down for me because quite frankly, a Valentine's tree just isn't cool).  It is hands down, aside from laundry, my most hated thing to do--who's with me?  
Enough of that nonsense--happy to be bringing you a fun little work look showcasing yet another one of my "Aunt Me Downs".  This blouse is Morey's from back in the day and I thought the delicacy of it would be a perfect counterpart to these graphic Gap Pants (love THESE TOO).  You truly, truly cannot go wrong with navy--I swear it complements any and everyone and also pairs so beautifully with so many colors--a fave hue indeed!  Alright gang--gotta get my workday in full swing---y'all make it a great weekend and stay warm--5 degrees in the Bluegrass (shoot me)!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cozy Knits

sweater (HM Men's c/o see similar chunky knits HEREBEST DEAL HERE), jeans (JBrand), scarf (Zara last seen in stores, other plaids HEREHERE, and HERE), heels (J.Crew), bag (Burberry), watch (Cartier), bracelets (Sylvia Benson c/o), rings (David Yurman, Anna Beck), shades (Ray Ban)

"Do NOT come home from NYC without the Zara blanket scarf--dangit, Jenny--I NEED that scarf--sucker is sold out everywhere!"  Had the poor BFF on a wild goose chase in the city--and boy did the kid deliver--hell of a beautiful thing that friendship is...don't know what I'd do without her #LYMI.  
But aside from my fab gal & the coziness of the scarf (see alternatives above), the relaxed fit of the boyfriends & the men's HM sweater both complement the cozy, chill factor of this look.  Balance the relax with a dose of femininity in the way of a Leopard Heel and I just may have my current fave look.  Polished yet approachable and relaxed--what's better than that?  Y'all make it a great one--we gots ourselves a little winter wonderland in the Bluegrass this week!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Aunt Me Downs

blazer (Aunt Morey's 1970s blazer from Neiman Marcus), blouse (Loft see similar blouses HEREHERE), denim (Marc Allison), heels (Zara), bag (Burberry), shades (Ray Ban), bracelets (Sylvia Benson), watch (Cartier), rings (David Yurman, Anna Beck)

Gal had that 70s swag, that 80s pop your collar cool, and now she's just as classic-with-a-twist as they come---she's my Aunt Morey (or Mary Jane as everyone else knows her).  She sported yellow high top Converse entirely before their time and has the sickest collection of oxfords known to (wo)man--damnit if I don't wear her shoe size!  So, needless to say, when I pit stopped in ATL on my way to & fro FLA--I was full court pressing her to get into her dang closet(s).  Oh and did I---we're talking blazers for days (see above), an old school Calvin Klein navy blue striped one piece, oxfords that were my Aunt Beth's (3rd sister) from Italy, silk blouses, vest dresses---I scored the dang vintage jackpot!  So gals--let this be a lesson---take advantage of those trips home and see if the ladies in your lives don't have some hidden treasures buried in the backs of their closets.  Oh and ps, Morey, I'm coming for round two in March--brace yourself--I want that pink striped sweater and saddle bag!  Loves you, More! 

phtotos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Mother's Closet

blazer (Ann Taylor, mother's from the '80s, try sizing up THIS BLAZER), tshirt (Zara), jeans (DL 1961 CRAZY GOOD SALE!), heels (J.Crew), hat (J.Crew EXTRA 40% OFF, may snake THIS ONE, too), bag (Michael Kors), rings (Anna Beck, David Yurman), phone cover (J.Crew), bracelets (J.Crew, Sylvia Benson c/o), watch (Cartier)

Over the holidays I took a spontaneous (solo) roadtrip to see the folks in FLA for a few days.  Wouldn't you know my mother took full advantage of me having a car (or rather an empty trunk) to send me back to KY with essentially EVERY piece of childhood memorabilia known to man.  We're talking middle school yearbooks, love letters to my high school boyfriend (beyond hysterical), art projects, prom corsages (who saves those anyhow), sorority bid day nonsense---you name it, it came back to the KY--no seriously, she sent me back with a cast from when I broke a bone as a kid---kinda weird, and yet Campbell sleeps with it at night---kid is so damn funny.  
The plus side; however, to my mother's purge was that I got to snag a few of her old school gems that she no longer wears.  Now, my mom isn't as crazy of a clothes horse as I, but she prided herself on having a few key beautiful pieces of which I blatantly snaked and brought back home with me---case in point, this blazer.  Shoulder pads, gold buttons, and an oversized typical 80s fit--shut it, I'm in love.  I can't go crazy over the top old school from head to toe so I opted to modernize the blazer with a loose fitting tee, Distressed Denim (on MAJOR SALE), some LEO HEELS, and a gold wrist.  Combine all of these elements and we've elevated this sucker to modern day, right?  Stay tuned later this week for a little Aunt Mary Jane Closet issue---pit stopped in the ATL to visit my mother's sis and sure did clean house in her closets, too!  Alright gang, cheers to a fab start to the week!  

PS:  yes, that's snow, and I'm the jackhole freezing my hind off while waiting for KT to get her settings all squared away---snap to it, sis!  Stay tuned for pretty funny outtakes during this session--we got hammered by wind & snow!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stripes Squared

skirt (Zara ON SALE), shirt (J.Crew see SIMILAR), blazer (J.Crew), heels (Kate Spade), bag (Michael Kors), cuff (unknown), bracelets (Sylvia Benson c/o), rings (Anna Beck, Lagos), shades (Gucci)

Giving y'all a double dose of one of my fave prints (aside from leopard).  This Neoprene Striped Skirt from Zara was on my radar for quite some time and for the price point, I knew I had to snag it.  I also think it would look super cute with a relaxed white tshirt, black leather jacket, and a gaggle of gems around the neck.  Sported this look a few weeks back for work when we had a warm streak and thankfully, since it's frigid as all get out, it will transition beautifully into the spring.   Alright gang, stay warm and make it a good one!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Remix the Black

sweater (Maison Scotch, c/o Morton James, Lexington KY), blouse (J.Crew), leggings (Generation Love, Morton James, Lexington KY), bag (Linea Pelle ON SALE), chucks (Converse), rings (Lagos, Anna Beck), cuff (unknown), shades (Ray Ban)

Gang!  So sorry for the radio silence and severe delays in posts!  I traveled to LA this past weekend for what was an absolutely amazing trip and I was a smidge jet lagged at the beginning of the week--totally worth it though!  Ok, we're talking rigs...I am on a big black on black/black & white kick right now (Exhibits ABC).  Here's the thing--it's not within my nature to not add an element of surprise or pop rather, be it in a subtle print mix like above, a colored Satchel, or a fun pair of Slip On Sneaks.  Just because she's a pretty plain palette doesn't mean the look can't have elements of fun!  Y'all have a wonderful day out there--make it a good one!
photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Plaid Your Fur

vest (BB Dakota, see other furs HERE & HERE), plaid (Bella Dahl c/o Morton James, Lexington see other plaids HERE & HERE), jeans (dl 1961), boots (Michael Kors, see heeled version & other flats HEREHERE), bag (Michael Kors), cuff (unknown), bracelets (Sylvia Benson), rings (Anna Beck, Lagos), shades (Ray Ban)

Must start this post off with a HUGE congrats to my Seminoles---what a friggin' game--I may have developed an ulcer last night, but eh, all worth it!  
Not my first rodeo with Fur & Plaid and the pairing has not lost its luster this winter either!  It makes for a perfect juxtaposition of laidback & glam--my fave.  Must admit, there's no way in hell I could sport this today as it's about 0 degrees in Lex--but at the time these were shot, we weren't at arctic temps!  Alright gang, gotta busy work day--you all stay warm out there!  

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Nole Nation

tshirt (Garnet & Gold), coat (Banana Republic sold out, see other STRIPES & how adorable is this Scalloped Number), jeans (dl 1961), bag (Michael Kors), chucks (Converse), ring (Kendra Scott), cuff (unknown), bracelets (Sylvia Benson), shades (Gucci)

Big day.  Big big day for my fellow Seminoles.  I attended FSU the last time we won the national championship (I just totally aged myself) and when I tell you it's magical--it is.  Many of my fellow alumni are in Pasadena no doubt already beginning the festivities.  Considering it is 3 degrees here in Kentucky, I will be in the comfort of my warm, cozy living room, sporting my PJs, Blue Moon in hand, cheering my ass off for my team.   Come on boys--let's bring another one home!  
F-L-O-R-I-D-A  S-T-A-T-E, Florida State, Florida State, Florida State--Woooooooo!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem
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