Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 all clothing available at  SWEAT Lex Pure Barre Lexington
Look 1:  top & skirt 15 Love
Look 2:  top & pants15 Love
Look 3:  Karma Tank & 15 Love pant
Love 14:  Karma Jacket & Tank,15 Love Pant
shoes (Nike), shades (Ray Ban & Gucci), ring (Anna Beck), watch (Tag Heuer)

She's a damn bastard, I curse her in my mind for 90 seconds and try to distract my pain with my To Do list as she's making me feel like my abs are going to pop out of my skin.  You know who she is---it's that little bit*h the PLANK!  Reverse chair, pretzel, knee dancing, wide second, pushups, band abs--you know 'em, they're all hellacious and yet, I've kept coming back to em' faithfully for FOUR years.  It's Pure Barre sprinkled with a side of Barre Cardio of course!   I've been asked here lately what my workout is so I figured with bikini season in full swing, it was about time I did another Workout Post.  It's really about whatever suits your fancy and gets you motivated to break a SWEAT.  And while I consistently give Mandy  and Pottsy the stink eye, they (along with all the other fab instructors) have the ability to keep my body challenged and my mind motivated!  Another point I think is important to get you in the zone is your gear.  It sounds silly I know, but I'm of the mindset that if you feel less than stellar going into your workout, your mind probably won't push you through the burn and keep you from wanting to bail.  So I was definitely amped when  SWEAT & Pure Barre Lexington introduced some new lines to their workout wear arsenal. 15 Love, Karma, & Splits59 are some of my new fave lines they're carrying.  Look, I'm always going to wish my hind didn't jiggle (ain't happening), but let me tell you, the pants from Splits & 15 Love will keep that backside looking about as good as it's gonna get and they're crazy comfy.  Lexingtonians, make sure you swing by PB & Sweat and check out the new gear--it's pretty great!  As for the non-Lexers, Pure Barre's are popping up all over the place--highly recommend!  Make it a good one, gang!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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  1. I've never tried Pure Barre before, but now you have me intrigued! I swear by the Tracy Anderson method and zumba classes for keeping me motivated and actually wanting to work out!

    1. It is so great both mentally and physically! I've wanted to try Tracy Anderson, too---assuming you do DVD's? xx--bp

  2. you have such a great body - these workout clothes look fab!
    kw ladies in navy

    1. Thank you so very much!!! The workout clothes def help 'suck' things in!!