Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Too Cool For School

look 2:  dress//sneaks//backpack

Gonna go out on a limb and say that Kentucky is one of the earliest school start dates---next friggin' Wednesday.  Not ready.  Don't wanna.  Please summer don't be over just yet.  But alas, there's no stopping this train.  Gals and I are more or less geared up with our goodies (Chase picked out THESETHESE, and THESE tonight)....and while I'm moaning a bit, I'm super thankful my girls have to wear uniforms.  Chasey girl is easy breezy in the wardrobe department (tomboy times ten), but Cam..good's like a dang runway everyday with her so uniforms they are most welcome indeed!  While in search of the perfect Kindergarten and 3rd grade backpacks and sneaks...I stumbled across too many cute threads to not toss together a little 'first day of school' collage.  After all, it is one of the more memorable fashion days of the school year, no?  Kindergarten 198*--purple polo with a hot pink horse, denim skirt, slip on keds, smurf lunchbox, cast on my broken left arm, two braids---remember it as plain as day.  Why they didn't have Backpacks this Cool back in my day is beyond me...I'm thinking I sported some horrendous army green Jansport nonsense---I'll have to enlist Brooke and Tiff to confirm.  Alright gang, be sure to check out some threads for the tykes below--make it a good one!

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