Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Fit

top, sports bra, jacket, pants (all Lulu Lemon Lexington Green c/o), sneaks (Loeffler Randall orig from Omar + Elsie now on SALE HERE), watch (Michael Kors), ring (Anna Beck), shades (Gucci), bag (Gigi New York)

This post is a lengthy one---covering 3 topics---so buckle up!  Here's the truth.  I can't diet worth a sh*t.  No seriously.  If you know me, then you know I have a very healthy appetite.  And by healthy I mean hearty.  One that doesn't deny Double Stuffed Oreos late night dunked in Milk.  One that prides itself on eating a cupcake on any and every occasion.  One that always suffers from the "Eyes Bigger than my Belly" syndrome.  I've always been this way.  I mean, hell, I ate cheesecake everyday for lunch in high school.   Fast forward to this summer and it seems not much has changed considering my summer has consisted of those damn poolside chicken fingers, french fries (healthy side of ranch), blue moons oh and then there's the late night Papa John's I inhaled this weekend.  Gross.  Just. Plain. Gross........
Which is exactly how I've felt for the past two weeks which is exactly why I made the proclamation on Monday that I was going to do a Juice Cleanse, dangit.  Not for weight loss.  Just simply to reset.  Give the ole' digestion a break if you will.  Kick these nasty sugar and processed food habits I've been the victim of since well...since forevs.   Look, I'm not saying I won't eat Oreos when this is all said and done...because I will.  But I am saying I needed to just reset and get my eating habits back on a relatively healthy track.  Enter The Weekly Juicery.  I've been a fan of their juices and smoothies since they opened their cute bright pink door, but I was never quite ready to take the Cleanse plunge.  Until Tuesday---they prep, educate, get you all schooled and ready to go so it's truly stupid proof.  Kimmye and her crew are beyond knowledgeable and supportive every step of the way!  I've got about 5 juices left and here's the truth about how I'm feeling almost fully cleansed.  Pretty. Damn. Good.  Really Damn Good if I'm being honest.  Not hungry if you can believe it.  4 pm has proven to be the most challenging time for whatever reason as has making the kids' meals and not being able to sneak a taste (no really, I had to have Chase pry the peanut butter away from my hand).  But truly, I feel fantastic!  So well rested.  Yesterday was probably one of my more productive days to date.  Energized.  And clean.  I just feel clean from the inside.  Bloat has totally banished and I just internally feel that I've done a good thing for the bod.  Hard to truly explain but I feel extremely refreshed and revived.   Wish my words could do the process justice---I highly recommend giving The Weekly Juicery's cleanse a go if you've been on the fence--you will not be disappointed and I also think it's great to challenge ourselves now and again.   A huge thank you to The Weekly Juicery in Lexington for getting my hind back on track!
Ok, so now for a little fitness chat.  I get many questions on my routine.  And while I can't walk the walk on my diet, I can indeed walk the walk on my workout routine.  It is a part of my daily life.  I try to shoot for no less than 4 days per week first thing in the morning because it helps set the tone for my day.  It keeps me mentally sane--no really--I love the feeling post workout knowing I've done something healthy for the mind and bod.  And I also love setting the example for the gals that it is important to take care of yourself not for vanity purposes but overall health and wellness (many times they tag along with me if my sitter is unavail).   Now if y'all have followed along s + s for any period of time, you know I've been a devout fan of Pure Barre Lexington for almost 7 years now---I actually just took Allison's class at 9:30--she's one of my faves--her playlist--stop it.  And while PB will always be a part of my fitness regiment, I'll never not LTB, for the past year I have incorporated weight training coupled with circuit and boxing classes thanks to personal training sessions with LIFT Fitness & Wellness.  I realized last year that as I'm getting older, it was imperative that I loop weights into my workout routine.  Wes & Matt are ridiculously knowledgeable in this arena, motivating, and continuously challenge my body---but here's why I keep going back.  Not only have I seen such positive results in the way of strength and tone (NO BULK--get that outta your head), but the environment and vibe of LIFT are extremely welcoming and motivating.  It's a very intimate setting without being the least beat intimidating which is why many of us are reluctant to try something new.  Don't be, the fellas and clients at LIFT  have the best energy and it has kept me and my gal pals going back for over a year!  And if you're miffed or annoyed and feel like beating the tar outta a punching bag--there's no better therapy than their PUNCH classes---and you'll sweat like nobody's business---one of my absolute FAVES--such an insane all over body workout.    
And as for what I sport the majority of the time when I'm sweating my hind off....duh...LuluLemon.  Our store here at Lexington Green Mall is one of my faves to date.  Partly because their staff is bad ass, but more importantly, they're stock is constantly being replenished.   It's what I've sported for over seven years and while I love a good pair of Nike Leggings & Sneaks now and again, more often than not, you will find me in LuluLemon.  Because truly, it is one of the few workout brands that can take you from workout to the streets while still looking pulled together (not to mention their pants make your hind look better than any other legging--no truer statement has ever been typed).  All you truly need to do is just toss on one of their jackets (how dope is the baseball detail of the one above) & a solid pair of SNEAKS , and no one would ever be the wiser.  Be sure to pay the Lex gang a visit--such a great bunch!
Basically to sum up this novel, I like to eat.  I like to eat a lot coupled with the occasional cocktail.   But I also know that it is crucial that I put good things into the bod.  I also know that if I want to continue the feeding frenzy, I cannot slack on my workouts.  And if I want to look my best while sweating, I need to sport solid workout gear.  Seems pretty simple right?  Just know this, as cliche as it will indeed sound, it's so mind over matter.  I couldn't lift a damn thing when I first started training, but now I can.  I never thought I could forgo the evening cupcake, but I did.  Put your mind to it. And most importantly your'e WAY stronger mentally & physically than you think.  I promise.  
Off the soapbox....onto a movie date with my big girl....and wishing you all a stellar Thursday!  Thanks for visiting today---was a lot to take on so PLEASE don't hesitate to ask any questions in the comments...I'll answer indeed!  Make it a great one gang!  

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