Tuesday, June 19, 2012


blouse (Jcrew) jean (Jcrew sold out, inexpensive option HERE or solid option HERE), sweater (GAP),  clutch (Treesje old, super affordable option HERE),  belt (super old school GUCCI), pearls (Target), bracelet & watch (Jcrew), shades (Gucci), flats (VIA SPIGA old)
May we discuss a couple of facts occurring in this Rig?  
1.  many pieces have been in the closet for quite some time=closet remix=cost effective!
2.  in my humble opinion, I believe Navy to be one of the best and most versatile bang for your buck shades
(what other color anchors pink, green, and yellow all at the same time)?
3.  Definitely yesterday's news; however, get your hind to Target and raid their jewelry...these are just 3 measly pearl strands, that when combined, make a bit of a statement..and the best part...$11 smacks/strand!  I ransacked their jewelry and found if you double or triple up one piece...it's a goodin!
Needless to say, my wallet and my husband both are huge fans of this particular post!  Remember, just because it isn't new, doesn't mean we can't make it current!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem Photography

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