Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Site Spotlight: Dorothy Perkins

Site Spotlight: Dorothy Perkins
Couldn't sleep worth a lick last night, gang...no better way to cure my insomnia than with a little online shopping soiree!  I've been clocking this UK online hotspot, Dorothy Perkins, for quite some time and did a major peruse last night. Remember Current Asos Loves?   Well Miss Dorothy delivers similar stylish, ladylike pieces for an insane price point.  The DP pieces showcased above (Dresses, Blouses, & skinnies) are all under, y'all ready for this....60 BONES!!!   I love myself a good mix of high and low and this indeed does the trick.  I took the liberty of pairing these Mrs. Perkins pieces and creating some rigs for y'all. 

My collage was getting a bit cramped so if I may add my own commentary to several of the looks.  How cute would the WHITE LACE DRESS look paired with either a leather jacket, cargo, or denim vest and the INSANELY precious Loeffler Randall dotted ballets (I am so obsessed with those flats)?  Speaking of the FLATS, a precious addition to the last two looks--I'm totally convinced we could get some major mileage outta these flats!!!  I'd also add This TWO TONED BELT to the last two looks as well.  Lots of intermixing with these pieces which is always a wonderful thing!  Take a gander at the pieces live below: 

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  1. those leopard print pumps are so amazing. AMAZING!