Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Studded Florals

dress (Pim + Larkin, Piperlime LOVE Muted Floral), jacket (Gap similar HERE), chucks (Converse, studs HERE & HERE), bag (Michael Kors), watch (Michael Kors), rings (Lagos, Anna Beck), shades (Gucci)
So here's how you avoid looking like you're wearing Nana's drapes---pair a fun Floral Sheath with some DenimStudded Chucks, & a Structured Tote and voila---you've anchored the flowers and will not look like walking drapery!  Since I've been spouting off at the mouth about transitional wear, I'm thinking if we paired this floral number with a black blazer & some chunky heels, we may be able to carry her into the cooler months---whatcha think?  Agreed?  
Let me hop on my soapbox here for a moment....I want to send a huge thank you/apology for my lack of responsiveness to everyone's sweet comments and feedback.  Whether it's here on le blog or on my Instagram, I have been random at best at responding to everyone's kind words.  Rest assured I am beyond appreciative and read Every.Single.One.  It's one of those things where I'll be running into a client's office, check 'em out, and promise myself I will respond later at night when I'm in bed winding down and wellllll, let's just say that isn't happening on a regular basis!  But nonetheless, I am so very thankful for your following and readership and I'm gonna get my act in gear, gang!  Y'all are great and I so appreciate that you're stopping by to give s + s a little love!  Make it a good one, gang!  

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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