Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Remix the Black

sweater (Maison Scotch, c/o Morton James, Lexington KY), blouse (J.Crew), leggings (Generation Love, Morton James, Lexington KY), bag (Linea Pelle ON SALE), chucks (Converse), rings (Lagos, Anna Beck), cuff (unknown), shades (Ray Ban)

Gang!  So sorry for the radio silence and severe delays in posts!  I traveled to LA this past weekend for what was an absolutely amazing trip and I was a smidge jet lagged at the beginning of the week--totally worth it though!  Ok, we're talking rigs...I am on a big black on black/black & white kick right now (Exhibits ABC).  Here's the thing--it's not within my nature to not add an element of surprise or pop rather, be it in a subtle print mix like above, a colored Satchel, or a fun pair of Slip On Sneaks.  Just because she's a pretty plain palette doesn't mean the look can't have elements of fun!  Y'all have a wonderful day out there--make it a good one!
photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem
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