Friday, April 18, 2014

The Bunnies

dresses (Sail To Sable c/o),  heels (French Connection), bag (vintage), necklace (Page Sargisson), rings (Anna Beck, Lagos), kids& moms kicks (Vans, converse)

I typically shy away from having my little ladies make a blog appearance, but in honor of Easter and all things Spring, I kinda couldn't resist sharing these shots.  Kristin has shot my gals since they were babes and she just continues to amaze me with her skills and ability to capture their sweet (and sometimes sassy) essence.  Now granted, new Barbie bribery was in full effect, but the dynamic between KT and her little clients is superb--I keep my yapper shut the whole time and just let her do her thing---and every single time she just amazes me with the images of my most precious eggs (I get a little choked up looking at just how big they've gotten)!  Now, what you can't see is the other 20 peeps snapping shots of the gals as these were shot during her Beginners Photography Class--it's now hands on and I HIGHLY recommend.  
As for the coordinating frocks, Sail To Sable couldn't be a more perfect vibe for all things spring, preppster, and Easter--absolutely ADORE their tunics, dresses, etc.  I know most would tend to toss on some Jack Rogers or wedges, but in this fam, we like to sport our sneaks (and will prob do the exact same thing this Sunday, too)!
Alright Gang, cheers to a lovely Easter---enjoy your fam and the sugar high!

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