Sunday, April 27, 2014

Simply Bow

blouse (Asos, soldout, see other BOWS BELOW), heels (Loeffler Randal, Omar + Elsie see FLATS version HERE &  Neutral Pair HERE), denim (DL1961), cuff (Morton James), rings (Lagos, Anna Beck), shades (Gucci)

Rest assured while the stinkin' blouse pictured is no longer avail (bought on sale from ASOS late last year), I'll give you all a dose of bows below that will hopefully make up for this shirt's unavailability.  But aside from the bow and my love for its utter femininity, the moral of this post's story is that simple and classic looks can be amped up just a notch with touches of detail.  Case in point, all this look is,  is jeans and a white blouse--simple, everyone has them in their closet, utterly classic.  But by pairing them with what I believe to be a fabulous HEEL (and hold the damn phone,  how sick is this PAIR), a distressed JEAN, and maybe a dainty bow blouse like THIS, you sorta separate your typical jeans & blouse look from the pack.  For me that's what it's all about, keeping the silhouettes relatively classic, and adding elements of detail to make the look all your own.  
Quick tidbit for those that are somewhat DIY challenged like myself--I own 3 pairs of these JEANS (hence them being in about 80% of my posts), and I wanted to shorten one of the pairs so instead of taking them to my seamstress like I typically do, I just trimmed the ends and left them au nautural--took me all of 2 mins and I love the frayed edges--gives them just a little extra umph.  
Alright gang, have a great start to your week---I've gotta Dallas Detox--such a great great weekend in an amazing venue with a really fabulous group of gals...we'll chat more about that later for sure.  But for now, make it a good one and check out some bows below:
photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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