Sunday, July 20, 2014

Candidly Campbell

ballets (Yosi Samra c/o), vest (Old Navy ON SALE), tshirt (Crewcuts LOVE THISTHIS, & THIS), jeans (Target see similar HERE), kitty cat headband (Crewcuts, equally as CUTE), shades ( Mom's , how about THESE)
mom's look (see HERE)

So it went like this.  Cam accompanies me to snap a few shots for s + s (big sis is at a friend's house). She watches mom snap the first look above and while I'm changing (in the parking lot behind a truck mind you--truly), she says to Kristin, "Can I blog, too?"  And there you have it...kid totally whips out a post in two mins flat--making mom look like a complete and total amateur. 
In preparation for this post, while sorting through these shots, I asked her about her new fave Ballets from Yosi Samra.  An interview if you will.  Because after all, if someone is going to be candid about what she does and doesn't like, it is indeed Campbell.  Kid is sweet and sassy all wrapped in one.  

Mom:  What is your favorite thing about your Ballets?
Cam:  I really love the bows, Mom.

Mom:  Feel pretty good on your pigs?
Cam:  They're super amazing comfy and I feel extra fancy!

Mom:  Would you recommend these to Juliet, Parker, and Scarlett?
Cam:  Yes.  Ok, can we just watch the Lego Movie now?

So I suppose it's safe to say they get the 5 year old seal of approval!  Cheers to a great start to your week---shop some of  her other requests for back to school below!  Make it a good one, gang!

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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