Friday, July 18, 2014

The Sale

It's that beloved time of year where the Sale Gods descend upon us.  And by Sale I mean THE Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Don't tell anyone, but I've kinda been counting down the days until this sucker kicks off.  Since I'm already in shopping mode, figured I'd share my fave finds with you all in the hopes we can all score some goodies together.  Ok, so top on my list are obviously THESE SNEAKS, in addition to some LEOINITIALSSUEDEMICHAELCUFF, and ONESIE--not too terrible, but I gotta narrow down my faves just a smidge!  Feel free to click directly on the pics below and it'll take you right to the SALE.  Good luck and get it while the gettin' is good--ends on August 3rd!
Alright gang, make it a great one..think we have some rainy weather in store for the Bluegrass so it looks like some laziness is in store for our weekend....sounds just perfect!

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