Friday, March 20, 2015

Tyke Fashion

tee//shorts //scarf//dress

I've learned over the years how to perfect shopping for my girls.  I remember when Chase was born, that kid got fancy pants everything (read:  Gold Ralph Lauren Driving Loafers).  That's all good and great except upon her outgrowing things she maybe..maybe wore things once..if at all--because really, what newborn wears gold loafers (#firsttimemom)?!?  So, with that being said, I've learned to invest in things wisely with the kids that I know will be worn a ton (like a Classic Jacket ).  I can also justify spending a little more jingle on Chase because ultimately Cam is going to wear it, too, so it's a more-bang-for-your-buck situation.  
Now that we are embarking on Spring and the girls have not an item of spring clothes that fit them---Mommy is in the market for some new kiddie threads!  Which means Mommy has been scouring the Nordstrom Kids section.  I spent the better part of Tuesday night online shopping for the gals and fell in love with the Nordstrom Burberry Kids selection.  This Hopscotch Tee caught my eye for my Tomboy, Chaser, and so it definitely went in the ol' shopping cart.  For a kid that loves casual and you have to pin down to wear a dress, Fun Graphic Tees are key because she'll wear the heck outta them!  Nordstrom's Burberry Selection of tees is just perfect because they balance cute, cool, and quality.  I'm still in the market for Easter dresses for the girls (which will serve double duty for Keeneland as well) and I just adore this Plaid Frock....would be perfect for both occasions!  
Alright gang, feel free to shop my faves below (including this Scarf which yes it's kids, but how cute would it be for us grown up gals).  Y'all have a great start to your weekend---make it a great one!

FTC disclosure: Disclosure: This post was sponsored by NORDSTROM.  While I was compensated to write a post about NORDSTROM, all opinions are my own.
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