Friday, August 7, 2015

My Cozy Nook

pillows, desk accessories, lamp, bedside table accessories (ADELE of Lexington), bedside table (West Elm, see SIMILAR), desk (West Elm), shirt (Sundry ON SALE), denim (7FAM see SIMILAR)

I wanted the vibe of my bedroom (correction, a closet with a bed--there's clothes and shoes E V E R Y W H E R E) to be similar to the rest of our HOME--light, airy, and girly with a fresh feel to it.  This is where Meghann from Adele just Gets It.  She knows me, she knows my vibe, she knows the girls, she knows my budget, She. Just. Knows.  And girlfriend delivers every dang time.  I love that she has the ability to either accentuate what you already have with some key accessories (pillows, lamps, etc) or just redo the whole dang space from top to bottom.  I'm thrilled that Adele is relocating (next to Josie's) to a much larger space in September which means many more goodies for us Lexingtonians (outta staters, don't fret, they'll ship).  Be sure to check out other goodness from Meghann (see EntertainingChaser, & Campbell).  Also, one of my fave chambrays (orig from Omar + Elsie) is now ON SALE---shop my laid-back look below!  
Cheers to a great weekend gang....I'm typing this as I'm sitting on my back deck with a little cocktail in hand---sun is down, lightning bugs galore, and the girls are playing barbies in the grass---great Friday eve if you ask me!  Make it a great one!  

photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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