Thursday, November 26, 2015

Black Fridayish

Buckle up, gang.  We ready to do this?  I'm about to get to cooking for me and the babes--we are keeping it low key today with just the three of us as we'll be celebrating with their dad's side of the family come Sunday...then spending Xmas with my folks in Florida.  I'm actually quite excited to stay in our pjs and just chill.  And eat.  And SHOP.  It seems that Black Friday has quickly turned into Black M,T,W,Th---but whatevs, I'll take it.  So I'm sharing some things that I'm eyeing for both Myself and for Gift Recipients.  Sticking with my old faithfuls for Sale Finds, because it's what I know and it's what I like.  SHOPBOP is offering up to 25% off with code GOBIG15--I mean, how great is this gal for your BFF or sis?  I also just snagged a PAIR OF THESE and I friggin' love them---also great for best gal, sister, tween, yourself!  NORDSTROM is indeed serving up some solid sales as well---see SATCHEL for MomTOTE for YOU, or NYE Frock.  And for cold weather essentials, I always go to one of my faves, JCrew is having 30% OFF.  Think Pom Poms & Puffs for yourself or the women in your life!  Sweaters at 50% off with code CORNY from loft---well, hells, that's just a given we should snag a few, am I right?  Alright gang, I say "Let's pace ourselves," every year, but let's be honest, shall we?  That ain't happening.  Never does.  I'll do my best to load us up with solid sale finds and gift ideas leading up to the big day.  Beyond thankful for you all and for stopping by s + s on the regular---truly,'re the best!  Make it a wonderful one with your crew today and soak up the family time!  Hugs and Loves from Kentucky!

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