Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Distressed Boyfriends

 turtleneck (Topshop), denim (BlankNYC), heels (Kate Spade), clutch (Sole Society), shades (Ray Bans), rings (Anna Beck,  BCBG)

This look is relatively simple---no muss no fuss.  While in the summer, I was mildly obsessed with Rompers,  be forewarned, this fall and winter, I'm gonna inundate y'all with Turtlenecks--I cannot own enough!  Another thing I'm gonna heavily rotate, these Distressed Boyfriends--couldn't love them more if I tried!
Opted to post a few shots sans Shades, because I wanted to share my experience with Dr. Brad Turner at Waldman & Schantz here in Lexington.  Now full disclosure, I had my first (and last) run in with Botox back in 2009 and I wasn't the biggest fan---I looked Botox'd if you catch my drift (read:  FROZEN).  Needless to say, I was extremely timid going back for another round about a month ago....but sister loves to furrow her brows all the dang time, so it was time for a remedy.   With that being said, I cannot begin to express how PLEASED I am with my results thanks to Dr. Turner.  First off his bedside manner makes you feel insanely comfortable and at ease.  Couple that with his understanding that I wanted a very subtle and conservative look between my brows--and man did the good doc deliver!   Dysport was used this go around and I have to say I noticed the results much quicker than my first rodeo.  No fluff, gang, I highly recommend Dr. Turner at Waldman & Schantz!  Several of my gal pals have paid him a visit as well and we are all super happy with the results.  
Alright gang, I'm headed to Indy this evening for an Omega Event and early screening of the new James Bond Movie--cannot wait!  Y'all have a wonderful start to your Tuesday--make it a great one!

photos courtesy of Andrew Adams

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