Monday, January 11, 2016

Stripes and Patches

dress (Stem, Nordstrom), patches (Rebecca Minkoff ), sneaks (Converse), jacket (old Gap,  LOVE THIS ONE), watch (Hublot, Moyer Fine Jewelers), shades (Ray Ban), clutch (Gigi New York)

Guess what I'm N O T wearing today?  This Dress.  Guess what I'd like to be wearing instead of my many layers thanks to the 8 degree weather in Indy...yea, you guessed it.  This Striped Number got mad usage while I was in FLA, and it will indeed be making appearances on my cruise next month, too!  Equal parts comfy and cute, it is one that would do all of our closets good--along with the Black, too!  And what's the quickest way to spruce up our college Denim Jackets (no really, I sported this bad boy to class at FSU back in 20**).....PATCHES!!  These quirky Emoji Patches are so fun and playful (and adhesive), and can be put on everything from Jackets to Backpacks.  
Alright gang, I'm wrapping up a weekend in Indy and need to get my hind in gear so I can snag the bunnies from school--y'all have a lovely start to your week---stay bundled!
PS--a huge thanks to my gal, Lindsey Potter, for snagging some fab shots back in our old neck of the woods, Stuart, where we went to high school--she's such a gem to work with (she loved the STRIPES, too)!

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