Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Untitled #12

Damnit if Scandal on Netflix and the ASOS weeklong Cyber Monday SALE didn't have me up until 4--yes 4 am!!  I just couldn't put the computer down once Fitz got shot (apologies as that was totally a spoiler for those who haven't hopped on the Scandal bandwagon).  Luckily for y'all, my inability to snooze produced some of my current faves from ASOS and how fab that they've extended their Cyber Monday sale through the week which means 30% off everything with code MOREMOREMORE!  Here are some key takeaways from my picks:

1.  I'm having a major black and white moment
2.  I'm totally digging jumpsuits (see HERE)
3.  Metallics are here to stay for me
4.  Side of lucite never hurt anyone

Pics below will send you right to the items...I'm clearly not gonna snag all of these gems (although I want to)--but it would be sorta criminal to not take advantage of the sale right?  Noticed how I justified my unnecessary shopping?  Also, why is it that this time of year when I'm shopping for my loved ones, I always just so happen to include myself on my Xmas shopping "to-do" list?!  Oh and serious inquiry for you all---would truly love the feedback---are you guys fans of these collages and my picks--I could do so many more but I get the impression we'd rather just have outfit posts instead--def let me know.  If you're into the collages, I could totally churn more out for you--make it a good one, gang!

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