Sunday, December 27, 2015

In Review

As terribly cliche as it sounds, I truly cannot believe this year is coming to a close.  Per my usual end of the year posting ritual, I'm going to get a little more personal than my norm--so if you're here just for the outfits, gang, now is your time to jump ship.
I've got to be honest, I have a pit in my stomach and tears ready to flow thinking of typing the remainder of this post.  I'm gonna ramble so just brace yourself.  This year was, God how do I put this, my toughest one yet if I'm being truthful.  If you all have followed along this year, then you may remember This Post.  A post I never thought I would have to type, but as I stated, life happens.  It happens fast.  It happens unexpectedly.  
It's interesting, though, to look at where the gals and I were right after their father passed and where we are now.  I would like to think the three of us are a testament to "Time Healing All Wounds." That's not to say all of our wounds are healed by any stretch, but almost 12 months later, we're living.  We are living a really great life filled with love, laughter, challenges, tears, and adventure.  We are growing.   We are continually adjusting to our new normal.  And we are so very thankful for all that God has blessed us with--from our amazing family and friends, our sweet little home, our lovely Lexington, and a very special fella the three of us have come to adore so very much, we truly are one blessed bunch.  
I remember when I discussed the Big D several New Year's ago, I was so dang naive to think that would be my life's biggest challenge--that was going to be the one tough hand dealt to me....well it wasn't obviously and while I wouldn't wish this caliber of loss on anyone, I do see the beauty in the blessings and the personal growth.   Life is incredible, challenging, scary, confusing, maddening...but more than that, it's so damn beautiful and rewarding.  Chase and Campbell are so damn beautiful and rewarding.  Talk about learning lessons from your children--those two precious gals have taught me more about life this year than all my years combined.  They are my everything
Hells, now that I've cried my dang eyes out (sups therapeutic) and re-read those 4 paragraphs more than I'd like to admit--let's talk happy.  Let's talk present and future, yes?
I'd be remiss if I didn't give a very heartfelt shoutout to my friends and family.  You know exactly who you are and you know exactly how much I love you to the moon and back--this year would've been damn near impossible without you.
Y O U all.  Thank you.  Thank you is simply not enough but, gang, you all have managed to make a dream come true.  This was the first full year s + s was my main gig and because of YOU, I am able to support my family, do what I absolutely love, and teach my girls that any and everything is possible if you put your noggin to it.  This has been an incredible year for s + s---from magazine features, to year over year growth, partnerships with amazing brands, and my first Handbag Collaboration, it was indeed one for the books professionally and I am forever thankful to you all.  
To this Tall Drink of Water.  You, my dear, deserve a whole post.  I tell you this all the time, John, but you are adored more than my measly words can express.  You're such a treasure--and what a blessing you are to the three of us.   Simply stated, you are the best surprise I could have ever wished for.  
To 2016.   I welcome you with open arms and am eager and excited to see what you have in store for us.  Let us toast to a year filled with happiness, growth, love, laughter, and success!  Let's make this next one our best year yet, gang!  

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