Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dear Diary

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Unbreakable.  My Heart.  Love.  That's what My Bracelet means both literally and figuratively.  But before I continue on the meaning behind the bracelet that I designed for X by Trollbeads, let me first preface this (very personal) post with a warning--if ya ain't into me going all sappy and personal, you may wanna jump ship now!!  Ok.  You've been warned....

So y'all know I'm not one to normally get personal here because let's face it, we're into the fashion and we like to keep it light, right?  But sometimes I feel compelled to let my guard down and get vulnerable which honestly scares the bejesus outta me but quite frankly, I've got to get over that fear.  This Post was literally the last time I got terribly personal and ironically today's post relates to it.  Back to the meaning behind Bracelet.....

  Unbreakable is what our friendship has been.  Since he spotted me in English class at FSU our Freshman year in 1997 (good Lord I just so dated myself), we have been the dearest of friends.  We were there for each other during all of our (failed) relationships, his move to LA with nothing but a packed Explorer and a dream which he has made come true, my move to Kentucky knowing not a soul, the time I told him I was pregnant with Chase and was so excited albeit scared to death, the time he lost his grandparent, that terrible breakup he had with the girl he thought was the one, his trips around the world,  my divorce, job successes and failures,  the list could literally go on and on for forever.  He's always been my cheerleader.  He's supported me endlessly even when I wasn't the greatest friend in return because I was too consumed with my own life.  And laugh--he friggin' makes me laugh.  He's always been there.  Always. And when you have a best friend that is by your side through life's biggest challenges, doesn't judge you for your mistakes, builds you up when you feel so very down, they inevitably have a piece of your HEART.  Which HE does.  But what about the moment when that friendship suddenly may be more?  That moment when you're out to dinner with his parents and he puts his hand on your leg and you feel something--something you didn't think you could feel and really didn't believe you would ever feel again in your life and you had accepted that fate?  You follow that feeling, that's what.  You explore it.  You trust it.  Because you trust him.  And you allow something to happen that you really didn't think your heart was ever equipped to handle again because it had gone through some pretty difficult 'stuff'...but you let your heart fall in LOVE.  And I have.  And I am lucky---I am so damn lucky because I never thought it would happen again.  But I am embracing the hell out of it and soaking up every moment.....

And that's where the Bracelet comes into play.  When I was asked to design a piece for X by Trollbeads, it seemed only natural I design something that told a story--and our story is very special to me.  And that's what I love about these bracelets...you can make them uniquely your own down to the lock.  Even better, you can change up your "story" with new links.  The possibilities are endless indeed!  Feels kinda odd to just tout my usual, "Alright gang, make it a good one," having just shared something very personal...so maybe I'll just say this--I hope you have a special story to tell.  And be open--be open to possibilities, had I not, I'd probably still be the damn hermit I was in 2013!  Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way---let's make it a good one!  Thanks for reading, gang--go play with some Jewelry!

photos courtesy of Andrew Adams

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