Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Traveler's Gift Guide

Kicked off the Gift Giving season with yesterday's Tyke Guide.  Today's Guide is for someone I'd venture to guess we all have in our lives.  A girlfriend, sibling, relative, coworker--someone who is always on the go and travels out the wazoo.  Mine is my best gal, Jenn--she sort of inspired this particular guide.  Regardless of if you have someone in your life that's a traveler, we all travel in one form or fashion especially around the holidays so I figured this guide would be applicable to many.  With the exception of the Eye Mask, these are all things I travel with religiously.  I cannot board a flight without a cozy Scarf (b/c I'm always freezing), a set of Headphones to listen to my jams and/or a movie on my ipad (which how adorable is this folio) which inevitably always dies so extra juice  is key.  All the junk gets tossed into a durable tote and I've been trying on my last few trips to LA to only pack a carry-on....trying being the operative word.  Once at your destination, I always think it's key to have either a mini dock for your music or a portable speaker.  And voila---I think this will allow you (or your gift recipient) to travel in style but more importantly with efficiency and function!   Enjoy your evening gang--make it a good one!

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