Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Workout

all Karma & Splits59 threads c/o (Pure Barre Lexington & Sweat Lexington), kicks (Nike ON SALE), necklace (Page Sargisson), shades (Gucci), rings (Lagos, Anna Beck)

If you've followed along s + s for a bit, you've come to know that I love myself a good ole' session of Pure Barre specifically my Lexington studio (see HERE and HERE).  Five years strong and I still have never found a workout that challenges my body both physically and mentally the way PB does.  I still look forward to the classes, hate the plank, bitch at the chair, and love the instructors (shoutout to my gals Mandy, Alison, & Kendra)!  With that being said, now that I'm well into my 30s (hells bells), I find I'm needing to up the workout ante--thankfully, right on upstairs sits a gem of a studio known as SWEAT.  Cardio and Strike are my current classes of choice and good grief do ya burn the calories--sister is drenched by the end!  I'm also really digging their clothing selection.  Karma & Splits59 (pictured in this post) are serving up some beautiful boho fitness wear indeed.  All such perfect pieces that take you from your workout to a day of errands or even an early dinner with the girls.  Long flowy tanks, tops, wraps, and printed leggings---so many goodies!  So with that in mind and bikini season underway more or less, I highly recommend snagging some new workout threads  and get your hind into PB & SWEAT for a little session.. guarantee it will get your gear in shape--and take this from someone who loves herself a cupcake or two now and again.  Or every night at 9 after my children go to sleep. 


photos courtesy of  Kristin Tatem

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