Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Stripes & Snacks

snacks (NOURISH SNACKS c/o), tank (Chloe K, love THIS only $28!), denim (dl1961 see SIMILAR), flats (Loeffler Randall), bag (Gigi New York), rings (BCBGAnna Beck), shades (Sole Society), lunchbox (Pottery Barn Teen)

BUSY.  We are all busy relatively speaking,  aren't we?  Whether it's schlepping the kids around, getting from one meeting to the next, getting your personal life in order amongst the chaos of your professional life---we are all B U S Y.   I'm a one man show running my ship so my "busy" can be a cluster from time to time although I'd like to think I've got it all in order and it looks neat, pretty, and controlled (it ain't btw--just take a look at my laundry room--or hell, MY room for that matter).  With that being said, I need to keep myself and my brood fueled.  I am often guilty of going until 3 pm only to realize I've only had my Starbucks and then gorge myself on unhealthy snacks--it's not good not to mention terribly unhealthy.  And the kiddies require a SNACK everyday at school, in their lunch boxes, and are savages when I pick them up--so what's the solution?  Nourish Snacks my friends, Nourish Snacks.  Forget about the fact that they're Gluten & Dairy Free, Non-GMO, taste so dang good, and are founded by the TODAY show's nuritionist, Joy Bauer, but have you seen how cute the packaging/names are--Mr. Popular, Monkey Love, Mind your P's and BBQ??  Kidding, that's not what is important here, but truly--I kinda love the catchiness of it all---so do the little ladies--Chase especially thinks she's quite the cool cat and loves the taste!  Mom approved, Kid Devoured...enough said.  Take a gander at all of the Delish Options--your kiddies will indeed thank you!
Alright gang, once again, hope your day is a little less busy with a little more chill but who are we kidding---Make it a great one nonetheless!  
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