Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Timeless

Timeless.  Elegant.  Classic.  Unique.  I'm not quite sure about you, but if someone described my personal style with these four adjectives, I'd be satisfied.  Quite satisfied indeed.  With that in mind, let's discuss style.  Style that is wise.  Style that will overshadow the trends.  Style that includes investment pieces that will continue to evolve as you do.   Maybe it includes a gorgeous ring that can be passed down to your daughter.  A handbag that will only look better as it ages.  A sexy designer heel that will command attention when you walk in a room.  Or a timepiece.  A timepiece that is so unique.  So one of a kind.  So in a class of its own and made with precision and purpose.  It's one that has a story to tell.  The Memoris Timepiece  has quite the story.  One that is innovative and intriguing.  And if the Story alone doesn't captivate you, well trust me when I say, the Limited Edition Memoris Timepiece will.  

Swiss Independent watch brand, Louis Monet, named after the creator of the Chronograph, is taking luxury and elevating it to an unexpected level.  Paying tribute to the founder of the chronograph himself, the Memoris Timepiece switches gears showcasing the chronograph as the focal point rather than just a bystander.  Beautifully encased in rose gold,  Memoris deserves the title Limited Edition. Because after all, if you were to own this exclusive stunner made with such precision and passion, wouldn't you want to be one of the select few?  I know I certainly would.  

Some may wonder when to sport this Beauty.  Simply Stated--ALWAYS.  With ANY and EVERYthing.  Because that's the beauty of something so precisely made---it can accompany all looks, all styles, all of the time.  In a class of its own, the Memoris will elevate a street style look of distressed jeans, a chambray, and some kicks just as seamlessly as it will complement a ladylike sheath dress with sky high heels for evening wear.  The Memoris  captures all that I love about investment pieces--no matter if your look is high or low,  head to toe designer or otherwise, it will consistently serve as the showstopper. 

Approximately nine weeks remain until Christmas...plenty of time, if you ask me, to convince Santa I've been quite the good gal and MUST HAVE the Memoris Timepiece under my tree.  It's a non negotiable, Santa.  

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